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so many ppl suckin yung lean dick tonight

whats a yung lean?


You think JAY Z forgot the sound of gunshots?


As good as his life is, he’s still cautious.

It’s different when you know how the bottom feels.

And that’s on everything.

akuma off of street fighter was the coldest. n he wears large jewelry, has wild hair n his lights get cut off during his special move. thats the blackest shit ever
If you ever bite your digital tongue because someone ‘threatened’ to drag anyone who crossed their dash


Then you are the very definition of a bitch.

Stop letting these bloggers get puffed up egos like they’re really intimidating, tell em to go fuck themselves just like the people in their physical lives do.


Every time a lightskin girl curves a guy her forehead grows…. That’s where she stores their souls

*exasperated sigh*

"Clap [Explicit]" — Waka Flocka Flame